Our hotel is located in the historic village İbrahimpaşa, in the townof Ürgüp, Nevşehir.
The village İbrahimpaşa fully reflects historical, natural and architecturalcharacteristics Cappadocia.
Dominant landform which has been shaped in thousand years has also influenced the architectural forms in the region.The basic construction material is Tufa which is easily cultivable and can get stony when exposed to air. İbrahimpaşa is one of the peculiar villages where authenticity is stil preserved Here, you can experience traditional architecture, Byzantine- Ottoman culture together with and existing traditional life and where magnificent nature accompany you as you smell the ; history of thousand years. İbrahimpaşa which is very close to Ürgüp and Göreme, rare village where an unforgettable vacation is not a dream but simply a Babayan Evi Cave Hotel experience .
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Babayan Evi Cave Hotel is in Munar district, the oldest residential area in İbrahimpaşa. This district is unique, still unspoilt and native.
Our hotel is a Dream Hotel!!!!!
Babayan Evi was restorated by Sema & Jacques Mourgues couple by preserving the orginal construction of an old house. You will have the privileges of waking up with the songs of nightingales and the other birds, interacting with the old village culture, beginning the day feeling full of vim and peace while you are having your breakfast with organic food grown in the village and watching unbelievable panoramic view of the marvelous valley in our terraces.
Don’t worry about the dinner!!!!
In our restaurant, you will forget the fatigue of the day with our delicious dinner cooked with organic food purchased from the local market. You will rest by listening traditional Turkish, Greek and world music.
Additionally, you can also taste the traditionally cooked village food (tandır) in Babayan Evi Restaurant in İbrahimpaşa.
Another day, you can try different type of cuisine in Ürgüp. You can enjoy the days and the nights of
Cappadocia at full.
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Babayan Evi Cave Hotel
İbrahimpaşa / Ürgüp / Cappadocia/ TURKEY
Tel: +90 384 362 60 80 - +90 544 860 1348 • Fax: +90 384 362 6030